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Cement, OK
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Wakeboard Towers

Ice Tower Ice Wakeboard Tower
Storm Wakeboard Tower
MTE Wakeboard Tower
MT1 Boat Tower
Ascent Wakeboard Tower
H2O Boat Tower
Vapor Wakeboard Tower
Magnum Waketower
MT2 Wakeboard Tower
X Wakeboard Tower
Cuda Waketower
Phoenix Wakeboard Tower
Wave Wakeboard Tower
FCX Waketower
Airborne Waketower
Viper Wakeboard Tower
MTK Boat Tower
Assault Waketower
Apex Waketower
Free Ride Waketower
F250 Pontoon Boat Tower
For Boat Beams (width): 67-105" Leg Diameter: 2.25" Polished Aluminum
Overall Height: 55" Will Factory Bimini Fit: 50% Collapse: Yes - Below Windshield
The Ice Tower is very solid, sturdy tower that looks stylish on any boat and is hard to match in price and performance.
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†Tower mounted accessories are not included in price.

What we do is sale and install wakeboard towers, waketower boat audio systems, and wakeboard tower accessories. We have been installing towers for over 7 years now. We have installed boat towers on a variety of vessels ranging from 15 feet in lenth to 32 feet.

Over the years we have installed several different styles of wakeboard towers including: Monster Tower, 13th Floor, XTP, Aerial and Big Air Wakeboard towers. The wake towers we handle have the most versatilility of any other wakeboard towers on the marine market.

Each waketower is constructed of T6 Aluminum or Stainless Steel material. Each wakeboard boat tower is custom made to your boat.

The wakeboard tower can be installed at any location you desire on your boat. The most popular location for a boat tower is directly over the windshield frame.

We have several accessories to accompany the wakeboard towers we install. We can install wake tower speakers, custom stereo installation, wakeboard racks, wake tower mirrors, custom bimini tops that attach to the wakeboard tower, and more.

Leave Wakeboard towers to the Experts...Not For DIY'ers
Waketowers are not easy to install. Unless you know what you are doing you can damage your boat VERY EASILY. Installing wakeboard towers requires drilling holes in the side of your boat. You drill the wrong place or do not use the correct drilling methods and equipment you could end up with unwanted holes and cracked gel coat. Gel coat repairs are very costly. Don't take the risk of damaging your boat just to save a few bucks. We take wakeboard tower installation serious, and so should you.


Hawaii - Est. $4,050 Maine - Est. $3,450 Connecticut - Est. $3,000 Massachusetts - Est. $3,050 New Hampshire - Est. $3,100 Vermont - Est. $3,000 New Jersey - Est. $2,850 Delaware - Est. $2,850 D.C. - Est. $2,750 New York - Est. $2,850 Maryland - Est. $2,850 Pennsylvania - Est. $2,750 Ohio - Est. $2,450 West Virginia - Est. $2,450 Virginia - Est. $2,650 North Carolina - Est. $2,650 South Carolina - Est. $2,450 Michigan - Est. $2,500 Indiana - Est. $2,200 Kentucky - Est. $2,250 Tennessee - Est. $2,150 Georgia - Est. $2,450 Florida - Est. $2,750 Alabama - Est. $2,250 Mississippi - Est. $2,100 Iowa - Est. $2,000 Wisconsin - Est. $2,100 Louisiana - Est. $2,000 Arkansas - Est. $1,850 Missouri - Est. $1,800 Iowa - Est. $1,900 Minnesota - Est. $2,250 Texas - Est. $1,650 Oklahoma - Est. $1,450 Kansas - Est. $1,700 North Dakota - Est. $2,450 South Dakota - Est. $2,250 Nebraska - Est. $2,050 Colorado - Est. $2,050 New Mexico - Est. $2,050 Arizona - Est. $2,450 Utah - Est. $2,550 Wyoming - Est. $2,450 Montana - Est. $2,700 Idaho - Est. $2,800 Nevada - Est. $2,800 California - Est. $3,000 Oregon - Est. $3,250 Washington - Est. $3,450

What does it cost?
† The wakeboard towers we install start at $1,350 installed. We will travel up to 200 miles for free to install a waketower on your boat wherever it is located. Any distance past 200 miles is a dollar a miles starting at mile 201. Since these towers are custom built to your boat, a 50% down payment of your total invoice is required before you can be scheduled for installation.

RUN YOUR MOUSE OVER YOUR STATE ON THE MAP TO VIEW AN ESTIMATED COST OF A WAKEBOARD TOWER, INSTALLATION, AND TRAVEL. These are only estimates for having our most economical tower ($1,350) installed, please call us to get an exact price from our zipcode of 73160 in Oklahoma to the zipcode of the location of your boat.

How long does it take?
Once you are scheduled, waketowers normally takes 3-4 days to be custom crafted to your boat. Once the wake board tower is built, it takes us approximately 1/2 day to install the boat tower. Your wakeboard tower can be scheduled and installed in as little as three days.

Custom Wakeboard Tower Sizing (H2O and Plasma Towers Only)
Click here to view an image of the measurements we need to have your custom waketower crafted.

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