Reverse Arch Waketower


Item Description

The collapsible Reverse Arch tower offers a different approach to the idea that a tower needs to be mounted around the windshield. By curving the tower forward and mounting it behind the driver, the Reverse tower achieved our goals of building a tower with stunning good looks and maintaining strength while offering greater visibility.

Since each Reverse Arch is custom built for your specific boat, we can usually design the tower to work with a factory bimini top

Constructed from 2.5? aircraft grade aluminum tubing, each Samson Reverse tower is custom made for over 750 specific boat models.

Our on-site machine shop uses the latest computer controlled milling machines to make all of the tower mounting hardware. The mounting hardware will be shaped to match the curve of the fiberglass of the specific model of boat it will be going on. It seems so obvious-the fiberglass is curved so the mounts should be curved as well. This reduces the pressure points on the deck that can cause stress cracks.

Collapsing the tower is easily accomplished by one person in about a minute. Reverse Arch towers are available in a wide variety of custom colors, as well as an anodized/brushed finish.


Satin Brushed

Black (+$200.00)

Starting At: $4,100.00