Waketower Pro Warranty and Refund Policy

Wakeboard Towers

Our towers are covered by a 1-5 year warranty (depending on manufacturer) with the manufacturer for any defects in workmanship or parts.

Electronic Equipment

All electronic equipment is covered by the manufacturers warranty provided for each component and most new equipment will come with a 1-yr warranty. There are instances were some equipment may be refurbished and these components will normally carry a 90-day warranty unless otherwise specified.

Bimini Tops

Bimini's are covered by the manufacturer. A custom bimini comes with a 1-yr warranty against defects and workmanship. The canvas material used for the bimini's come with a 5-year warranty against defects. In the case you are not satisfied with the bimini, a refund can be issued for the frame. The remaining components can not be refunded because they are custom made to your tower.


We strive to provide the best labor possible and we will do our best to accomodate for any labor issues, but we do not warranty labor. In the case an issue arises with any products we install, we will try to accomodate your issues as best as possible. Our services are mobile and our work may reach beyond a reasonable distance to provide warranty for labor without a surcharge. If you are outside of a 30 mile radius from zipcode 73160, there will be a service charge to an address beyond 30 miles for any labor issues. This fee will need to be paid prior to the scheduled date to address any issues. The charge is 50¢ per mile from 73160 to the exact location of the property. There will be a charge for each trip made if additional trips are required. We do not issue refunds on labor of any installed or purchased equipment.

Gel Coat

We do everything we can to prevent cosmetic issues from arising during and after a tower installation. We install additional backing support to every tower. Make sure the mounting thickness meets or exceeds factory specs. Choose the most flatest and most rigid mounting positions available for the tower being installed. Beyond all precautions, there is still a chance you could have cosmetic gel coat failure during the install or after use of the tower. This could be caused from inconsistencies in the gel coat and fiberglass from factory, improper use of the tower, uneven surfaces not allowing mounting hardware to conform perfectly to the boat, as well as, several other unknown reasons. We are not responsible for any type of failure due to the installation or use of the tower to your gel coat, fiberglass, and/or hull. We will provide you the best advice and service regarding tower types for your boat and will give you the pros/cons of each tower and its characteristics so you can determine whether or not you choose to have a tower installed.

Refunds & Returns

All products and services bought from Waketower Pro are non-refundable and non-returnable thru Waketower Pro. There may be some instances where the manufacturer will refund, replace, or repair, but that is at the manufacturers discretion. Any refund requests will need to be between the Property Owner and the Manufacturer. Waketower Pro does not offer refunds for any equipment or labor.


Any shipping and packaging involved with any warranty issue is the responsibility of the property owner. Most manufacturer's will ship back to you for free, but shipping to the manufacturer is the responsibility of the property owner. Waketower Pro does not warranty, insure or cover any shipping, packaging, freight, or labor involved.

Property Owner Agreement

By allowing us to provide services for you, you agree to the above warranty statements and gaurantees. The above warranty will void any verbal agreements. Any warranty issues that arise will be the responsibility of the property owner. Warranty issues will require the property owner to: 1. remove and re-install any components under warranty, 2. obtain a person or company to remove and re-install components under warranty, OR 3. schedule a time for Waketower Pro to remove and re-install any components under warranty at the rate of 50¢ per mile from 73160 to the exact location of the property.